Best places for a drink with a lady

Are you planning a night out with a lovely lady? The drinks, the laughs, and a little flirting are always on the agenda. Of course, you might be wondering where to go. 

There are certain places that have the right ambiance for the night. Choose a place according to your mood. Here are a few good spots to grab a drink with your attractive lady Adelaide escorts:

What To Drink

When you want to drink with a lady, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what kind of drink do you want? Do you want something simple like coffee or tea? Or would something stronger be more appropriate? 

If so, consider the ambience of the place as well as its location and company. Finally, think of the cost, as you should budget for your date. Make sure that whatever you do will make you feel that the drink was worth the time. 


Tailgating parties are the perfect places for a drink with a lady who is game for fun. It is an excellent way to go on a drinking spree. You’ll be in close quarters with strangers and mingle in order to get your drinks or food from the truck. 

It is a different kind of party with parked cars, wherein a lot of people have their unique alcohol containers. These tailgating drinking spots are usually found outside sports events venues where the fans have a few drinks in the parking lot. 

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Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are private, so you can have an intimate conversation without anyone overhearing you. You can also take advantage of the room’s amenities, such as room service for food and more drinks. Of course, a hotel room is conducive to having sex, and your date knows precisely how the night will turn out. 

Secret Bars

These are usually located in unusual places, like an old building or an underground bunker. A secret bar may be hidden behind an unmarked door, or it could be located in plain sight but only accessible through a tunnel that leads from another area. 

Secret bars come with all kinds of rules, such as no cell phones allowed and no talking above a whisper. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet where there aren’t any loud noises from TVs showing sports games while people cheer loudly over them, this might be just the perfect bar to bring the lady for a drink. 

A Hotel Lounge

A hotel lounge is a great place to get a drink. You can also relax, get some work done, or enjoy the atmosphere. There’s typically something for everyone in the lounge, such as tables with outlets, couches, and oversized chairs. 

Often, there will be background music that will make you and your date enjoy sitting down while chilling in a classy hotel. The next stop can be to check into a hotel room for the night to go on with both of you having some adult fun. 

In Conclusion

When you want to take the lady out for a drink, you also have the option to bring her to your place. Yet, stepping out for a night in the town may make your date a lot more interesting.